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[hana_testimonial name=”Donna West” occup=”Director of Environmental Services” org=”Mercy Hospital – Lebanon, MO”]We started using Nature Scent in September 2008 and it has been great. They do an excellent job, always here when they say they will be, and never have any complaints about changing things if we need them changed. This was a very wise choice for us; wishing we had made this change sooner.[/hana_testimonial] [hana_testimonial name=”Shawn and Lana Brown” occup=”Owners” org=”Evans Funeral Home – Houston, MO”]We have been customers of Nature Scent for many now. We love the different fragrances they offer, it helps to make our place of business smell good! Just a special touch – it’s nice to hear when customers come in and say that it smells good in here, what is that? Nature Scent is a very courteous and professional company. We recommend you giving them a try and see for yourself what an asset they can be for your business too.[/hana_testimonial] [hana_testimonial name=”Lance Vestal” occup=”Vice President” org=”Central Bank”]I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your service. Nature Scent has definitely been the best air freshening service we have ever used. We especially were delighted in your punctuality and the way you coordinate the scents with the seasons of the year.[/hana_testimonial] [hana_testimonial name=”Jim Carder” occup=”Owner” org=”Elliot, Gentry, Carder Funeral Home – Cabool, MO”]Our funeral home has been a customer since 2004. We had previously used time-release spray systems that were expensive to operate and very difficult to maintain (my responsibility to take care of). Almost every person that walks through our door comments on the product and it seems to be just as strong at the end of the month as at the first. There is a great selection of fragrances and they know what I like and always have good recommendations on what I should try. I recently suggested adding an additional unit to our facility next time, and they had everything with them to do it on the spot. I would recommend Nature Scent products and services to anyone whether for their home or business.[/hana_testimonial] [hana_testimonial name=”Pam Owen” occup=”Owner”¬†org=”Nature’s Best Pet Shop”]We have been with Nature Scent for approximately 25 years and have always had great service; they are here every 28 days regardless of how hot or cold the weather is; they give excellent service. We highly recommend them.[/hana_testimonial] [hana_testimonial name=”Deborah Tucker” occup=”Office Manager” org=”Africa Harvest Ministries”]Nature Scent of the Ozarks has serviced the Regional Ministries Center since 2001 with air fresheners that are environmentally safe and that come in a variety of fragrances. In those eight years, their service has been regular and efficient, without missing a month. Their representatives are always personable, friendly and professional.[/hana_testimonial] [hana_testimonial name=”Amanda Shephard” occup=”Ministry Assistant” org=”Hamlin Memorial Baptist Church – Springfield, MO”]Nature Scent has always done an excellent job. We have used them for many years. They are always very friendly and consistent. The different scents are great. There is always something new or they will use your favorite scent – mine being Bubblegum! Thank you Cliff and Tonya for your outstanding service![/hana_testimonial] [hana_testimonial name=”Allan Reid” occup=”Co-Owner” org=”Meta-Games Unlimited, Inc – Springfield, MO “]Nature Scent is terrific! We receive customer compliments daily about the service they deliver. Even with a large open area the scent is able to deliver results.[/hana_testimonial] [hana_testimonial name=”Melissa Lewis” occup=”Hatch Insurance – Licking, MO”]We have used Nature Scent for approximately 20 years. They have a huge selection of fragrances to choose from and the scent lasts a very long time. The company is consistent and very dependable. We can count on them to come to our office every month. I even purchase their product for personal use in my home.[/hana_testimonial] [hana_testimonial name=”Karen Sims” occup=”Administrative Assistant” org=”North Side Assembly of God – Springfield, MO”] Nature Scent has been supplying North Side Assembly of God with friendly excellent service, economic value and great scents for the past several years. We would be very pleased to recommend Nature Scent services and company. It makes scents to us![/hana_testimonial]



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