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If your business is located within our delivery area which includes most of Southwest and Southcentral Missouri, please contact us to schedule a no cost and no obligation on-site visit and product demonstration. For those businesses located outside of our delivery area, we provide consultation via telephone or email regarding the proper and most effective placement of our diffusers based on your building size, traffic patterns and other specs. In addition, we will recommend and supply you with the appropriate amount of fragrance based upon your needs.

Our product and attention to service sells itself, which is why we do not require a contract.  We pride ourself on delivering a quality product and superb service in a continuous effort to foster customer loyalty and long term relationships.

Diffuser with Scent

Items to consider when choosing Nature Scent include:

  • Free use of our diffuser units for all route customers.
  • Guaranteed service and product rotation every 28 days (13 times a year) to ensure effective odor control.
  • Guaranteed rates mean no arbitrary or unexpected price increases.  Future price increases will be discussed and agreed to by the customer in advance and prior to implementation.
  • Quick and transparent installation, accurate and timely invoicing, and zero route turnover.
  • Personalized Service – We take pride in knowing customers’ names, expectations, and follow through on their requests and requirements, right down to their fragrance preferences and individual unit locations.
  • Nature Scent of the Ozarks is fully insured, and fragrance MSDS sheets and certificates of insurance are available upon request
  • Numerous customer references available upon request.
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